Java intro.
day . . .
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2016 FALL Semester
Introduction to Programming - CST 112 (day)
Monday & Wednesday:   9:30-11:10am
R218 (Ammerman Campus)

Introduction to Programming - CST 112 (aft)
Monday & Wednesday:  4:00-5:50pm
R206 (Ammerman Campus)


I N S T R U C T I O N S :

        Fill out 3"x5" cards. according to these instructions.
 1. On the front of the card, at the top, 
	print your name, last name first.
 2. Underneath, write your Major.
 3. Next, enter your email address.
 4. Also, state your Github account name.
 5. If you have a job using computers, 
        put it at the bottom.
 7. In the upper right corner, add course number.
 8. In lower right coroner, give today's date.
 6. On the back, state your reasons for taking this course.
10. Also, list any languages in which you have 
        written code that works on a computer.
What did Aristotle (and Homer) say about computers?



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