99 CST 112 Exam #1:  
"Dart game" (revised)

Using the "Processing" PDE, write a program to do the following:

SCORE: When the dart stops , check how far it is from the bullseye:

CST 112 - Quiz #1   (October 3rd, in-class.)
  • You may start with this start code
  • See below for extra features. For extra credit, add as many as you can.
    Before leaving class, paste your code into file "Q1.java" (in your folder)


    Due by 12 noon, Sunday, October 13th
  • Continue working on (a copy of)) your code,
  • Add as many EXTRA features (see above) as you can.
    Paste your code into in a file named: "R1.java", in your folder (day/ or eve/)
  • Be sure you understand every line of code you submit! / Do not paste anyone else's code into your code.