CST111 Midterm Exam

    Follow these instructions to create a spreadsheet. First, create a spreadsheet with the following column headings in ROW #1
      (i.e. cells A1, B1, C1, D1, E1).
    1. Count
    2. Fibonacci
    3. Growth
    4. Diff
    5. My Name
    In Row #2, store the number 1 (one) into the first three cells (A2 and B2 and C2), and your name in cell E2.
    1. In the first column, starting at row 3 and down to row 21, fill each of these cells (A3:A21) with a formula that adds 1 (one) to the value in the cell above it.   (Don't type a formula into each cell; use copy and paste.)

    2. Also store the number 1 (one) in cell B3.
      Then fill the next 18 rows of the first column (B4:B21) with a formula that adds the two numbers above that cell. This should produce a "Fibonacci series" that begins like this:
          1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, . . . 4191, 6765
      (The value in cell B21 should be 6765)..

    3. In the third column, enter the value 100 in row 2 (cell C2), then fill the remaining cells (C3:C21) with a formula that adds 100 to the value in the cell directly above.

    4. In the fourth column, below the heading ("Diff"), each of the cells (D2:D20) should contain a formula that subtracts the value in column "C" from the value in column "B" (of the same row). The resulting value in D20 should be 4765.
    5. Leave the rest of the fifth column empty, after your name in cell E2.

    The First three and last two rows of your table (A1:E21) should look like this:
    Count Fibonacci Growth Diff Name
    1 1 100 -99 Your Name
    2 1 200 -199  
    3 2 300 -298  
    · · · · ·
    19 4181 1900 2281  
    20 6765 2000 4765  

    (Note that there should be no numbers entered into any cells below row 3!)

  2. HTML:
    Using TextPad or Notepad or any other text editor (but NOT a Microsoft "Office" product such as "Word" or "Front Page"), write the appropriate HTML to create a web page as described below. Upload your HTML file as:
    		xyz-midterm.html			(where "xyz" are YOUR initials)
    Also print out your HTML.

    Requirements for your web page:

    1. In the upper right corner of your web page, display your own name in the largest available size, as follows:
      • Display your first name in green, with the letters in italics.
      • Display your middle initial in red; use the letter "X" if you have no middle initial.
      • Display your last name, with each of the first four letters displayed in a different color.
      Make sure that text that follows on the rest of the page is of normal size, color, not italics, etc. (unless otherwise indicated).
    2. Centered on the page, display "CST111" in blue.
    3. At the left, display the words "Midterm Exam" with the letters underlined.
    4. Separate the above from the following, with a line across the page, from left to right. (Use the appropriate tag to do this.)

    5. Now, display any three images.
      Align the first image on the left and the third one on the right.
      Place the second image within a line of text, with the top of the image aligned with the top of the text.

      Modify the widths and heights of each image; make one of them twice as tall as it is high, and make another image twice as high as it is tall.

    6. In an ordered list, provide the answers to the following questions:
      1. How many Megabytes are in a Gigabyte?
      2. How many microseconds are in a half second?
      3. In hexadecimal, how do you represent one dozen?
      4. In hexadecimal, how do you represent two dozen (24)?
      5. In binary, how do you represent two dozen (24)?
      6. What color is #993399 ?
      7. What color is #000000 ?
      8. What color is #00FFFF ?
      9. What is the color number for Green?
      10. What is the color number for White?
    7. In an ordered list, with items shown as "A", "B, "C", etc., provide the answers to the following questions:
      1. On this line, display the markup tag for boldface, including the "angle-bracket" symbold.
      2. Show a copyright symbol here.
      3. Show the two words "BIG_________SPACE" with four spaces separating them (and no "__" characters).
      4. Put small image here, and make it be only 40 pixels tall.
      5. Underneath this item "E", put a list five different input devices; your list items should be numbered with Roman Numerals (I, II, .... V).
      6. What does "DNS" stand for?
      7. What does a "DNS" do?

    8. Make an ordered list of the following, from fastest to slowest method of obtaining data:         floppy-disk, memory, client-server, register, CD-ROM, hard-disk

    9. List at least seven steps that occur between the time you click on a "hyperlink" and the time when the new web page appears on your screen.
      Use an an unordered list for this, but be sure the steps are listed in the correct order!