Your Name: _________________________

1.  Write your first & last initials here:
						_B_			_M_

	1a.  What is the hexidecimal value 
	of these initials (IN UPPER CASE)?
						__42____		__4D____

	1b.  Show the BINARY BITS for 
	these two ASCII characters:
						__0100_0010_____	__0100_1101_____

	1c.  What is the decimal value of the 
	ASCII character for your first initial?

	1d.  Change your first initial from
	UPPER to lower case; show the bits:
						__0110 0010_____

	1e.  What is the decimal value for this?
	(i.e. your first initial in lower case)

	1f.  In hexadecimal, What is the ASCII 
	code for a blank space?

	1g.  If an ASCII code is 00110011 
	(in binary), what does it represent?

	1f.  Explain how to change each character (byte) in string 
	from "lower" to "UPPER" case.
						Subtract 32 OR
						Change the 0x20 bit to zero.

2. Answer the following questions: 2a. How many microseconds are in a half minute? __30,000,000____ 2b. If each page of my book occupies an average of 500 bytes, how much disk space will I need to store a 400-page chapter? __200,000_______ 2c. If I buy a 1 Terabyte disk, then how many (500-byte) pages can I store on it (approximately)? __2,000,000,000_ 2d. If a processor executes instructions at a rate of 500 MHz, how many instructions does it execute in one millisecond? __500,000_______ 2e. How fast (in MHz) is a processor that takes 250 picoseconds to executes execute each instruction? __4000 MHz (=4GHz)_ 2f. In binary, how do you express the ASCII code for "Q"? __0101 0001_____
3. Assume a web page has the following BODY tag: BODY BGCOLOR="#996633" TEXT="#660033" 3a. How would you make the background darker? __Reduce the values: 663300 3b. How would you make the background lighter? __Increase: CC9966_____ 3c. How would you make the text darker? __Decrease: 440022 or 330000 3d. How would you make the text lighter? __Increase: 993366_____ 3e. Approximately what color would the background be if each digit "6" (six) became a "9" (nine) = 669933 and vise versa (each 9 became a 6)? __Green (or yellow-green) 3g. If the each "3" is replaced by "E", in the original BODY tag BODY BGCOLOR="#996633" TEXT="#660033" describe approximate colors that would result for background and text. ... 9966EE/6600EE purple / darker purple 3h. Would this be a good change? Why or why not? . . . Bad. Poor contrast.
4. Spreadsheet: 4a. In cell "C3", how would you set the value to always be the sum of the value above it minus the value to the LEFT of it? __= C2 + B3_____________ 4b. In cell "C4", how would you set the value to always be the sum of the value to the left of it, minus the value above it? __= B4 + C3_____________ 4c. Write the formula you would store into cell A9, to make its value be the sum of cells A6, A7, and A8: __=A6+A7+A8 OR =sum(A6:A8)__ 4d. Write a formula that you could store into ANY cell to make its value be the sum of cells A7, A8, and A9, and then be able to COPY that formula into ANY other cell to get exactly the same value: [Hint: Use absolute, not relative values.] __=$A$6+$A$7+$A$8 __=sum($A$6:$A$8)__
5. Which of these devices will keep the information, even if power goes OFF? Write YES next to devices that retain data w/o power; Cross out devices that DON'T. RAM CRT Hard Disk =YES Storage device =YES Floppy Disk =YES Memory Registers Sound card CD =YES File =YES Browser USB flash drive =YES Trackball USB port
6. For each of the following devices, indicate whether it is PRIMARILY an input device, PRIMARILY an output device, both, or neither. (Cross out any that are NEITHER.) INPUT OUTPUT _____ Mouse _____ _____ Printer _____ _____ Power supply _____ _____ Floppy Disk _____ _____ Hard Disk _____ _____ Network Card _____ _____ Millisecond _____ _____ CRT _____ _____ CPU _____ _____ CD _____ _____ ASCII _____ _____ NIC _____ _____ TCP/IP _____ _____ RAM _____ _____ DNS _____ _____ PROM _____
7. Name three other input devices (not listed above): ________________________ ________________________ ________________________
8. Name three other output devices (not listed above): ________________________ ________________________ ________________________
9. For extra credit, describe the various parts of the "URL" -- as many as you can, in the proper order -- and also specify the "default value" for each part.