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  1. There are a thousand Megabytes in a Gigabyte.
  2. There are 500,000 microseconds in a half of a second.
  3. In a hexadecimal, a dozen is represented as C.
  4. In a hexadecimal, two dozen is represented as 18.
  5. In binary, two dozen is represented as 11000.
  6. #993399, is purple.
  7. #000000, is black.
  8. #00FFFF, is cyan.
  9. In number form, green is #99FFCC.
  10. In number form, white is #FFFFFFF.

  1. The markup tag for boldface is B with angle brackets, and /B with angle brackets.
  1. Mouse
  2. Keyboard
  3. External Hard Drive
  4. Web Camera
  5. Flash Drive
  1. DNS stands for Domain Name System.
  2. A DNS is a server that responds to queries from clients for name-to-(IP)address and address-to-name mappings as well as for other information.

Fastest To Slowest Ways of Obtaining Data

  1. Hard-disk
  2. CD-ROM
  3. Register
  4. Client-server
  5. Memory
  6. Floppy-disk
  • The page request is sent to the application layer which then passes to the TCP component
  • TCP breaks up the message into segments and adds a sequence number and checksum, then passes each packet to your IP address.
  • Then, the IP adds the recipient's address and the return address and sends it as a datagram to the network card drivers.