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    Fellow Long Island Libertarian voters,


    There is an important election coming up on June 23 and it is vital that we get out the vote - your vote and the vote of every enrolled Libertarian. As you know, the Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) attained recognized political party status as a result of the 2018 elections. From now on, the top management of the LPNY, the "State Committee," will be elected by the enrolled Libertarian voters at the primary election. In the past, they were elected by dues-paying members, partly at an annual convention, partly at county-level meetings. Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk, Judicial District 10) is entitled to elect seven members to the State Committee.


    While all of these new procedures are confusing enough for the voters, the situation is further complicated by an unrelated problem. Six fake Libertarians, most of whom enrolled in the Party immediately before the February 2020 deadline, are also running for the LPNY State Committee from our district. None of them have ever been involved with the LPNY, but upon searching media reports we found that some of them were involved in minor party politics over the years. One, Bobby Kalotee, aka Karan Kumar, gained fame by faking his own kidnapping (see NY Times, Newsday).


    Is this actually illegal or is it just bare-fisted politics? Well, some of these people formed fraudulent Libertarian Party organizations for Suffolk and Nassau Counties, in violation of the LPNY party rules, and filed their own rules with various boards of election. Then, they signed fraudulent Certificates of Authorization (formerly known as "Wilson Pakulas") for seven Republican candidates across Long Island, most of which may survive all challenges due to lowered legal protections stemming from the coronavirus threat and political bias at the Board of Elections.


    If this hijacking is not stopped, the LPNY could go the way of other third parties that were stolen from their founders by political opportunists. Perhaps you know the story of Curtis Sliwa and associates taking over the Stop Common Core Party (later known as the Reform Party). The threat is real and your vote on June 23 of this year is the only thing that can stop it.

  • About Us

    We have been working to build the Libertarian Party’s presence on Long Island. We will represent our region at the state level to ensure that libertarian principles are upheld. Our goals include:

    • Establishing a strong infrastructure that utilizes the strengths of our local volunteers.
    • Expanding our outreach to bring the libertarian message to more New Yorkers.
    • Running and electing Libertarians to state and local government.
    • Advancing libertarian principles and legislation.
    • Utilizing technology to expand our reach and engage younger voters.
  • Our Candidates

    • These are the legitimate, authorized candidates of the Libertarian Party for election to the Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) State Committee from Judicial District 10 
    • Libertarian Party candidates for public office are listed on the Nassau County Libertarian Party website

    Jonathan Gunther​

    Jon is a more recent member of the Libertarian Party, having joined in 2018. He has been a top Party activist this past year, instrumental in the success we have had securing ballot lines for true Libertarians. Jon has always been a Libertarian at heart and truly believes in the principles of liberty. He was the Libertarian nominee for Nassau County Legislature, District 15 in 2019, attending Legislative meetings and getting out there to meet voters. He is persistent in achieving his goals and fighting for your liberties. Jon is currently also seeking our nomination for New York State Senate, District 6. He seeks to join the State Committee to help the Party spread the idea of liberty and help us grow in New York.

    Kevin Warmhold​

    Kevin is a police detective and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, deployed to Iraq in 2003, who joined the Party in 2018. Since that time, he has done a great deal for Libertarian Party outreach, increasing our social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. He currently runs “The Exchange Podcast” on Anchor, where he has interviewed a host of Libertarian luminaries, including Presidential candidates Ken Armstrong, Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman, Kim Ruff and Adam Kokesh, Gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe, LP National Vice Chair Alex Merced, renowned Philadelphia City Council candidate Maj Toure, syndicated radio host Brian Nichols, and Illinois Gubernatorial candidate Kash Jackson.

    Michael McDermott​

    Mike is a real estate entrepreneur from Melville. He was the Libertarian candidate for Governor in 2014, and for U.S. Congress, District 2 in 2012. He is current Chair of the Suffolk County Libertarian Party, and has served many terms on the State Committee.

    Blay Ta​rnoff

    Blay is a computer consultant and non-practicing attorney from Port Washington. He is current Chair of the Nassau County Libertarian Party, in which position he has served since 2008. He also served on the State Committee since he joined the Party in 1990, serving one term as Chair and ten as Secretary. He was the Libertarian Party nominee for County Legislature, District 11 in 2019, and is currently our nominee for New York State Assembly, District 16.

    Gary Donoyan​

    Gary is an attorney who has represented the Libertarian Party and its candidates in a number of high and low profile cases since 2005. Among his victories, before we won automatic ballot access, he won New Yorkers the Constitutional right to allow any U.S. citizen to witness our nominating petitions, which will save us precious resources, and the Constitutional right of our candidates to have their own ballot line in many circumstances, instead of having to share a line with another party. Gary joined the Party in 1994. He has since served as Political Director to the state Party and on the State Committee. Gary is also a past chair of the Nassau County Libertarian Party, where he currently serves as Secretary.

    James Harris​

    Jim is a local business owner who served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps. He is a past chair of both the Nassau and Suffolk County Libertarian Parties, and has also served many years in the state Party, including one term as state chair. Jim is a graduate of Brooklyn Tech and C.W. Post, where he was elected to the National Business Honor Society Delta Mu Delta.

    Adam Martin​

    Adam is a past chair of the Suffolk County Libertarian Party and served several terms on the State Committee. He also served as a candidate for New York Elector on both the Gary Johnson and Harry Browne presidential tickets, and testified in the early 2000’s as an expert witness on petitioning for ballot access in federal cases regarding Libertarian ballot status. Adam joined the Party at age 15 and ran for Brookhaven Highway Superintendent at age 17. He has been a Libertarian his entire life, having been “raised right” by his father, Bruce Martin, who joined the Party near the time of its formation in the early 1970’s. His first political involvement was working for the 1988 Ron Paul Libertarian Presidential campaign at age 6. Adam is currently our nominee for New York State Assembly, District 3.

  • Endorsement

    To my fellow Libertarians in Judicial District 10 (Nassau and Suffolk Counties), where State Committee seats are being contested, I endorse and urge you to vote for the following: Michael McDermott, Gary Donoyan, James Harris, Jonathan Gunther, Kevin Warmhold, Adam Martin and myself, Blay Tarnoff.


    Blay Tarnoff, Chair of the Nassau County Libertarian Party

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