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CST 112.
Introduction to
Computer Programming

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Priority Registration
has been moved back by one week:
  • New dates are: Monday, April 13 - Monday, April 20.
  • Registration for new students will begin on April 21.

At this point, you should be creating object class definitions and working on code for Project #2 (which was assigned before the break).

Don't bother fixing or making improvements to Project #1 (nor to your q1/r1/s1 code); instead, work on Project #2, to get acquainted with Object-Oriented software design. (If your p2 code fixes something that was broken in your p1 code, it will count for both!)

Don't try to do all of Project #2 at once!

Instead, just build one or two object classes, get them to work, add some more, and fulfill the Project #2 requirements step-by-step, running and perfecting each small change as you go.

When you have completed a new piece of code to show off -- or if you need help -- call me for a "Code Review" session!

Project #2:
Do not copy your p1 code.
Instead, use it as a guide to write new object-based code.

    Start with object class definitons such as:
  • a "Hero" class
  • a "Dog" class
  • a "Monster" class
  • a "House" class
  • a "Tree" class
        // You may use different names for these classes.
Each class has properties for that object (to remove globals!), and each class does methods such as:
  • void show()         // display the object.
  • void move()         // move this object independently,
        // OR //
    void chase( float x2, float y2 )   // make it chase coordinates (x2,y2)

  • boolean near( float x2, float y2 ) // return true iff it is near (x2,y2)
  • void reset()
  •     // plus any other necessary methods (or constructors)

Then, write new object-based code to use these classes.

Click here for Project #2: specifications

Also, see the examples at compare.html and dc_chase.pde

Previous announcements:

STUDY the OO example at compare.html

  Please have a preliminary version of your code for Project #2
  available in your folder during the week of March 23rd,
  and be prepared to present your p2 code during "Code Review".

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