CST 112 Project #4
"Racers" .

All code for this project should be saved in files whose name begins with "p4".

See below for the NOTES about Remote Learning, participation requirements, and Code Review.

Following the instructions (see below), write your own (Processing) Java code for this project. Write Java code to define and use these object classes: Each instance of these objects should have a global name,
but properties should be defined within the object class
(and global variables should not be used as properties of these objects).

You may start with the code in p4start.pde

Modify this code as needed; write your own code to replace ALL of the   +++   lines.
Change the values of the String variables to give the racers different names, (instead of "First", "Second", and "Third") , and be sure to change the author to contain your own name.


Create a dynamic sketch as described below.

Screen shot from p4start.pde ("starter code"),
-- to which you should add your own code.
Screenshot from demo code .

To view a working demo, Click this link,
(then press 'A' for autopilot!)
You may also check out this sketch for ideas: Jumping Roo Race

(Code for this sketch is available at Jumping Roo Race
but write code for your own sketch, to do something simpler!)

NOTES regarding Remote Learning, participation requirements, and Code Review.

Since we are now in a "Remote Learning" mode, you must save your code in your folder as you work on this project, and participate in periodic Code Reviews to discuss your code (and provide help, when needed).