DUE DATES for Projects  
	Because of the pandemic,
"due dates" for any Project can
be extended upon request
--- PROVIDED you contact me 
to discuss your plans.
 As you work on projects, always
SAVE your code in your folder, 
        (so that I can see you are working!)
and make sure your call me regularly 
for help and/or Code Reviews.  
  Your FIRST priority is:  BE SAFE!!!
      Just keep in touch, and participate 
     .in "remote-learning" as best you can.

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CST 112.
Introduction to
Computer Programming

Check this "CST 112 NEWS" page, regularly,
for further instructions.
Previous NEWS pages are available
from the class-page (or in the "old" folder)
See below for important notices regarding
"Remote Learning" & "Code Reviews",
as well as policies for Withdrawal from this class.


Your Project #2 code should now be
in a file named:   z2.pde  
  Project #3   should be completed this week,
with code submitted in a file named   p3.pde  
by Friday, May 1st.
Project #4 specifications
Project #4 is to be developed in files with names beginning with   p4   ,
submitted regularly for Code Review, and completed next week.
ON-TIME BONUS of 5% if submitted by Tuesday, May 5th;
reduced by 1% each day thereafter, until Friday.
Project #4 must be submitted BEFORE Monday 5/11.

The next EXAM will be based on your p4.pde code,
and submitted in a file named   q4.pde  
Project #5 will follow.
Pool Table.

(Click to run ths demo code.)

Check out at these sketches
    (for fun! -- and to see
    how similar programs look.)
Kangaroo Race
(Click to view ths code.)
Going to the Dogs!

Press the 'A" key

Study these Slides & Notes: Also review Chapters 8 & 9.

  PROJECT 3:   Array of integers  

Click to enlarge.
  • Create an array of integers.
  • Display the contents of the array,
  • Also display sum total & mean average
  • Modify the array when buttons or keys are pressed.

Specifications for
Project #3

Call me whenever you have
code for review and/or need help.

(631) 332-0567

9am to 6pm, Monday thru Thursday
(Also available some Friday mornings & weekends, by appointment.)

All CST 112 students are expected to participate in "Laboratory" sessions, (e.g., Code-Reviews, consultations, help sessoon, etc.) directly, with the Instructor, a few times per week.
Now that the campus is closed and classrooms are unavailable, our Lab sessions must be coducted via telephone and "the cloud", (but not necessarily during ther scheduled class times).
If you have not been particpating regularly contact me immediately, to get back on track in order to complete this course with a passing grade!
Please be advised that Withrawals from this class
will NOT be approved after the next EXAM,
which will be given approximately May 12th.

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