Project 3 -- Add bouncing and collision-detection to project 2.

Using the "if" control statements, modify project 2 as follows: Be sure to display title (at the top) and author (in lower-right corner).
Display the score in black it is positive or red if negative; if score is zero, do not display it.


  • If monster gets too near the house, it is repelled away. (Also flash the screen, when this happens.)
    If the mouse is clicked above the horizon (where sky meets ground), do NOT move the gold; instead, start a new bird from the left.

    Project 2 -- moving creatures, gold, etc. (and monster?)

    Create a dynamic sketch using draw() method, with the following objects displayed on the screen: Each of these objects has coordinates (x,y) variables, and may also have velocity (dx,dy) variables.

    The scene is a grassy field (occupying most of the sketch), with a light blue sky above (and maybe some buildings or hills on the horizon.)
    Display title at top (plus some instructions), and be sure to display your name (lower-left corner).