Array of integers

Create an array of integers, and display them in a list.

Write a function to add up all of the numbers in an array and return the total.
Display the sum total and mean average.
NOTE:   Mean average is total divided by size of array. Since this could be a fraction, be sure to make it a "float".

Add some functions to do the following:

NOTE:    Do not use global values in these functions; use the arguments.

Write code in keyPressed()
to call each function when a key is pressed, with the first letter of that function.

    b	big()		// Move biggest to end of array.
    s	small()		// Move smallest to beginning.
    i	inc()		// Increase each by one.
    d	dec()		// Decrease each by one.
    t	triple()	// Triple each ofthe numbers.
    r	randomize()	// Replace all with random values.

create buttons with the names these mwthods,
and add mousePressed() code to call them when button is pressed.