CST 112

  1. Getting Started
  2. Overview

  3. Syntax
    Statements are the elements that make up programs. 
    The ";" (semi-colon) symbol is used to end statements.  It is called the "statement terminator." 
    // Comments are used for making notes to help people better understand programs. 
    // A comment begins with two forward slashes ("//"). 

  4. Coordinate System and Simple Shapes

  5. Shape Primitives
  6. Color
      Grayscale &

          C   O   L   O   R        

7. Examples
8. Reference pages

"Learning Processing
-- A Beginner's Guide to Programming
Images, Animation, and Interaction"

by Daniel Schiffman
(Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics) [Paperback];
ISBN: 978-0-12-373602-4

READ   Chapters 1-4 (pp. 1-41) of the textbook:     "The Beginning"
AND   Sections 7.1-7.4 (pp. 101-106):     "Functions( )"