Pick another name for the "hero" character (Zoog), and modify your code from Project 0 (see below) to add a few more items and animate some of them (changing position from frame to frame).

Make at least three things move. For example:

Upload code into your folder, in a file named

REMEMBER:   Code readability is very important.
  • Start each method with a comment saying what it does.
  • Pick meaningful name for variables.
  • Properly indent each

Additions to project 1:

  1. Put some trees on the horizon.
  2. Add a bird that flies across the sky, from right to left, and drops a bomb whenever you press the 'b' key.

  3. Add a rabbit (or other creature) that runs back and forth near the bottom of the screen, reversing direction whenver it hits the left or right side.
  4. Make the rabbit go faster (by about 10%) whenever you press the "+" key, and slower (by 9 or 10%) whenever you press the "-" key.
    (Be sure to use "float" type for the position and speed of the rabbit.)


Make a (static) sketch that includes
a scene and some creatures.

SCENE: At least five items, such as:

  • Sky
  • Grass
  • Sun, in the sky
  • Cloud(s), in the sky
  • Bird(s), in the sky
  • House
  • Tree(s)
  • Cow
  • ... whatever ...
CREATURES: At least two creatures, such as
  • Hero
  • Dog
  • Monster
  • Treasure Chest
  • ... whatever ...
TEXT: Add some text, on the screen, such as:
  • A Title (centered, near the top).
  • Author's name (you), in lower-left (or right) corner.
  • Perhaps a name, on the hero's shirt.