CST161 - Term Project

The term project is a complete website, including a home page named "home.html" (NOT "index.html") and at least three additional pages of your own design, with a theme of your own choosing. Take "ownership" of your website design and content, pick some theme or topic that you will enjoy working on, and have fun!

In addition, your home page should contain links ("in a sidenav" and also in a list at the bottom) that can be clicked to take the user to "project" pages, which illustrate various aspects of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and website development, as described below.

Each "project page" should explain to the viewer what each tag does, state its name along with a few useful attributes (if any), Each "project page" should have a different background color (or image).


NOTE: the above list will be expanded, later in the semester, as new topics are covered.

Design your "project pages" to be useful in the following ways:
  • As a tutorial, to explain to the user how to use HTML.
  • As a reference ("cheat sheet") for yourself, to look up the syntax and behaviour of various tags, etc.
  • As a "browser-tescter" to see how different browsers treat various tags and attributes differently.

Feel free to "personalize" these project pages, including text and images that relate to the general theme of your website.