CST 288
Cooperative Education/Internships
for Computing Technology

No further classes
due to Wuhan virus,

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Check this "CST 288 NEWS" page
regularly, for further instructions.

If your internship allows you to continue (working remotely, etc.)
then continue to submit weekly reports in your folder;
if your internship has ended, submit one more weekly report to say so.


Begin preparing a Final Report to summarize your entire semester, including:

Your final report should be more formal than our informal weekly reports.
(Make believe you are delivering it to upper management of the company!)

Submit your final report (in your folder), in a file whose name begins with "final",
AFTER April 15th, but before April 30th,

Feel free to call me at 631-332-0567,
if you have any questions or conerns.

Previous announcements:
Keep going with your internship, as best you can.
Your personal safety comes first; everything else is secondary!
The work-study program will make allowances for the current situation. 

Be "pro-active" --  ask your supervisor if some of your work can be done remotely.
(Online work is one obvious way, but perhaps some other things can be done by phone.)


At the end of each week, by the close of business on Friday, submit a Weekly Report memo in your folder, as a text file named w321, (where 321 is the ending date of the previous week).
    Write a couple of short paragraphs to say:
  1. What you did last week, on your internship,
  2. What you learned last week.
  3. Employer information, including contact info for your manager
    (No internship yet?   What are you doing to get one?)

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