CST 288
Cooperative Education/Internships
for Computing Technology

Check this "CST 288 NEWS" page
regularly, for further instructions.


Begin preparing a Summary memo covering the first three months of this semester, including:
  • Name of the company that hired you,
  • Provide contact information for your supervisor, including name and a telephone number (where 'e can be reached to verify your work record.)
  • Describe (in a few words) what this company does, and
  • describe (in a few words) what kinds of IT work you do, there.
  • Give your starting date for work on your internship, and

    Submit your Summary report on or before Monday November 29th, but AFTER Wednesday November 24th.

    NOTE: Weekly Reports are no longer required after November 15th.
    However, Your last weekly report counts double, (so make sure it's a good one!).

    See below for a copy of the for Weekly Reports assignmen.

    Also, do what you can to have your supervisor speak well of your performance on the job,
    when I call for an evaluation of your internship, next month.

    There will also be a FINAL REPORT.

    (Details to follow, after Summary Reports are submitted)

    Previous Assignments

    Each week, by noon on Monday, submit a Weekly Report memo for the previous week.

      Write a couple of short paragraphs to say:
    1. What you did last week, on your internship,
    2. What you learned last week.
    3. Feel free to add a third paragraph with any comments, questions, complaints, etc.

      (No internship yet?   What are you doing to get one?)

    Feel free to call me at 631-332-0567,
    if you have any questions or conerns.

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