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WebSurfing links ...

Please fill out the index cards, according to the instructions
See what the markup tags do. (Later, you may use this to debug your HTML.)

Try writing a simple web page with markup tags.
Here are some instructions for getting started.

To apply for your free email & website, and register it in the Yelloweb Pages, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Start by obtaining a free email account from Yahoo! (-: Don't forget the smileys :-) )-: And beware the rumor virus! :-o
  2. Next, claim your personal website at ""
    Apply for your FREE personal website. Join now.
  3. Now, submit the URL of your new "Home Page" for inclusion in the Yelloweb Pages:
    Using your Yahoo email account, send email to me at:
    Be sure to include your (real) name and email address.

  4. Upload your web pages to GeoCities:
    Maintain your website with GeoCities file manager.
    Use "notepad" to edit your web pages,
    and save them on your floppy disk.
    (Display pages on your browser before uploading.)

  5. PROJECTS for this course:
    Submit each project by uploading it to your website.
    Always add hyperlinks to and from your home page for each project.

More things you can do to develop & promote your website:

  • Make a banner image for your website, with:
  • Or try ... ... or ...

  • Participate in LinkExchange
    LinkExchange Member
  • Also check out the other exchanges.

  • Register your site with search engines
    Surfing the web ....
       [ Drivers License ]

    Tour the World Wide Web Funsub WUSBWUSB
    Get Yahoo! Map

    [ WhatIs ] [ Achievements ] [ Portrait ] [ Ballot ] [ )-: rumors :-o ]
    [ Funsub ] [ Phone ] [ Insults ] [ Dumb Laws ]
    [ Catskill ] [ Jewelry ] [ Liberty ]


  • Check out the CM35 "images" subdirectories ,
    including backgrounds / buttons / lines / arrows / figures / icons / animations /
    Also: logos /
  • A large collection of icons, images, etc.
  • An even larger collection of icons.
  • Animated gifs. Animation city Caboodles Clip-art.
  • More stuff...
  • Web Development Resources

  • Some information about the Internet.
  • How big is the web?
  • (-:-( Everything you always wanted to know about "smileys", but were afraid to ask.
  • Self-portrait.
  • Microsoft TV-Dinners

    Colors, codes, and conversions

  • Colors, backgrounds, icons, etc.
  • c o l o r c u b e
  • ASCII codes.

  • Metric multipliers
  • Metric conversion


  • LIWDG Tutorial
  • Beginner's Guide to HTML. (from NCSA at UIUC)
  • HTML tutorial (from Sandia)
  • Ragget's ten-minute HTML guide.

  • Tips for Writers and Designers
  • (Visit Dave Siegel's website -- then click on any image)
  • HELP page.


  • Geocities Forms.
  • FORM tags, from Sandia HTML tutorial.
  • Click here for a FORM tutorial
    (Read about the tags for FORM, INPUT, and SELECT,
    but don't bother reading about "Form submission", etc. )


    And now, a message from students in previous classes:

    We worked hard to create our own personal webpages,
    where we can express ourselves and provide information.
    We're proud of our websites and hope you will enjoy visiting.

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